The Bigger Picture.

  One of the hardest feelings to deal with is accepting that someone doesn’t feel the same way about you. Because no matter how much you think of them, or how much you wish they would feel the same in return; Sometimes life isn’t that simple. And when things like this happen I begin to […]

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Fighting Time; Note to self.

Life isn’t about making hard and fast decisions. If we all lived like that our lives would be pretty out of control. Life, for me, is about absorption; taking it slow and allowing every second to sink in. When it comes to relationships although there’s two of you involved; the most selfless thing to do […]

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University Life

Hey Everyone, So as I’ve received a few texts and tweets asking about my University Experience so far I thought I’d just make a blog post about it because it’s easier than texting this morning, believe me! So after completing my enrolment yesterday, and finding my way to my accommodation; like everybody else I had […]

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