So far all of you who are interested in my thoughts on music, there’s one person who I can’t stop listening to at the moment and that person is Jessie Ware. 

Jessie is a 28 year old singer-songwriter from London, United Kingdom. She has featured on several albums by artists you may have already heard of; SBTRKT, Joker, Florence and the Machine.. the list truly goes on. Her album Devotion debut at number five on the UK Album Charts in the first week of release, selling 9,319 copies in 7 days!

Her style of music is really eclectic compared to most singers. Jessie proves in Devotion that she’s not trying to be a certain way by sticking to one genre of music: she makes tracks to her own liking; and step by step she guides you through her stories and songs, stepping into both R&B and Alternative, as well as House music and Hip-hop.

Jessie once explained in an interview that backing singing was “her dream” -and she never ever contemplated being a soloist. In fact, Jessie didn’t really plan on being a singer at all- she originally studied Journalism. She found herself backing for both Jack Peñate and Florence Welch (now known as Florence and the Machine) before making her break as a soloist in the industry. And believe me, I’m so glad she did! Though her tracks with both Florence and Peñate are good, her solo work is truly innovative.

Relationships are the pure essence of Ware’s music: she exposes herself for the passion which burns beneath every single track on her album. You’re not told to sit up and listen (like most artists nowadays if you look at the top female figures in today’s charts), instead you’re guided through the album by an outsider; someone who never imagined being a soloist, someone who isn’t about achieving fame and success. Devotion is an honest, heartfelt and genuine; which is why many people can relate to her lyrics and pure soul put into her music.

Below you can listen to “Wildest Moments” a track from her album. Though Running, Sweet Talk and Night Light are all loveable and catchy; Wildest Moments (especially the acoustic version on her deluxe album) for me, is the best song on the album. The way Jessie combines the beat, lyrics and rhythm is nothing short of magical. Take a listen for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Click here to buy her album on iTunes: and check out her full website at

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Speak to you soon!

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