Life isn’t about making hard and fast decisions. If we all lived like that our lives would be pretty out of control. Life, for me, is about absorption; taking it slow and allowing every second to sink in.

When it comes to relationships although there’s two of you involved; the most selfless thing to do is to always put yourself first. Though it may seem difficult to find yourself, if you pursue a guy or a girl for so long; bit by bit you start changing. Sometimes it makes you a better person for doing so: but 9/10 times you’re subconsciously altering the essence of who you are to suit the other person. Which is stupid. Because you have to go with how you’re feeling. If there’s any doubts they’re there for a reason. No matter how they’re treating you, or acting towards you; the only person who is by your side from the beginning to the end of your life is yourself.. so remember that.

No matter how much you want something, you’ve got to remember that if it’s meant to be (whatever that may be) -it will happen. Time works in mysterious ways; it’s something we all take for granted: and some people see the ticking of the clock as a misfortune as it brings us closer and closer to life’s biggest adventure.
But for me time is change. We’ll never have this moment again.. nor this. So enjoy every second.

Embrace change and have faith in yourself.

Love yourself, then spread it.

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