Most of you will already know just how much I love smoking Shisha. Since my trip to Dubai (and after purchasing our very own pipe) I haven’t been able to stop experimenting with different flavours and techniques.

Anyway, couple of days ago I received a little surprise from The Smoke Company. They sent me two beautiful e-Shisha pens; flavoured candy-floss and cola to test out. Initially I thought to myself “Well why would I need e-Shisha pens when I have a hundred pound pipe sitting at home?” but then after testing the little gems, I began to realise that not only are they incredibly easy to use regarding set up (because it requires none) and the smoke is smooth- but they look pretty fancy too.

The pens themselves last for 500 puffs, which for the price is incredibly good value. I’ve been sharing them with my flatmates at University and they’re still going: I think I’ve used them every day for the last three or four days- so the durability is very long-lasting.

Most people use the excuse that they’re a “social smoker” and they only smoke when they drink alcohol on nights out- mainly so they can go and talk outside over a cigarette. But from experience I know that people can go out up to ten times in a night, which has been proven to seriously damage your health. However the e-Shisha pens contain no tar, nicotine or tobacco- so you’re able to go and “smoke” outside without suffering the health defects that most people are exposed to.

Below you can find a video in which I use the e-Shisha pens to teach you how to do a few smoke tricks; so to see the pens in action, as well as learning a few tips- watch below.

Again I’d like to say a huge thank you to The Smoke Company for sending me some of their products; I hope you guys enjoy their e-Shisha pens as much as I do.

Peace, Love and Smoke Rings!

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PS: Be sure to head over to The Smoke Company’s Twitter for frequent updates on their products. You can also check out the full catalogue on their official website here.



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