As most of you know I’ve just started my journey at University- and since being here I met someone who recommended The Vamps to me. I wasn’t really sure why I hadn’t heard the band already; I mean they have a massively supportive fan base and a YouTube account with over 300,000 subscribers. Stupidly I remember googling the band before I listened to their music and initially I thought “Oh Lord Jesus, here comes another  wanna’ be One Direction boy band” -but then as soon as I pressed the play button on their new single “Can We Dance” (which can be found on YouTube here), my opinion completely changed. After listening to a few of their covers and original songs I can’t believe I was so quick to judge them.

Although there have been many boy bands come and go over the last few years the leading boy band still remains as One Direction. But if you were to compare the two bands, other than the greater exposure on One Directions side of things (as well as a certain billionaire manager *cough*)- there’s nothing One Direction have that The Vamps don’t. In fact I think the quality of vocals as well as the fact that The Vamps play their own instruments make them a more rounded, original group.

Watching their covers on YouTube also gives the listeners something One Direction failed to provide: soul. It may sound weird but I kind of like the raw feel of The Vamps. They still possess their original image instead of being completely changed from their starting point as One Direction were. Even though The Vamps’ vocal abilities are flawless, I like the edgy- almost “home made” feeling that comes across in their covers and live performances.

The video below is their cover of Taylor Swift’s 22 which is another thing: I’m a huge Taylor fan- and usually as soon as someone starts covering her songs, I never think they do the track any justice.. but if anything this cover comes very VERY close to the original in my opinion. I’m incredibly impressed by the accuracy of the cover- as well as the tweaks and changes The Vamps have added, truly making it their own. I guess this is why Taylor wants them to support her over multiple gigs throughout February 2014.. mental right?

Looking back at this review in all honesty I feel almost embarrassed to be comparing The Vamps with One Direction, because the groups are so different in their own right- and even though the personalities of The Vamps completely outshine the boys in One Direction; they’re the only other boy band I can see as competition to The Vamps. So I’m sorry if any of you guys are reading this thinking “Why in the world is this boy comparing us to those losers” because believe me, I think I’d rather watch listen to screaming cats then hear another boring heartbreak shit-mix from an egotistical build-a-boy-band with very little talent.

As you can tell by the complete randomness of the structure to this post I’m very excited to share this group with all of you. I genuinely believe they hold talent, passion and likability (not just for being a group of good looking lads). Don’t believe me? Check out the video for their new single below.

I hope you guys like the group as much as I do, don’t forget to head over to iTunes to purchase their new single “Can We Dance”. I’m going to keep my eyes open and my ears perked for any local gigs I can sneak my way into~


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