If someone were to ask me which artist or group was the sound of my summer just gone, Crystal Fighters would be it.

I remember the first time I listened to the Crystal Fighters; it felt as if I was grabbed, snatched from where I was sitting- and taken to a whole other dimension. A dimension where anything could happen, love was the language and sound was the currency.

I’m not going to sit here and deny the fact that some magazines haven’t really taken to the new album Cave Rave (which can be bought on iTunes here); because I think it’s incredibly obvious that the style of music isn’t for everybody; but I don’t see why critics have to point that out- because at the end of the day music is interpretation- just because you don’t personally enjoy listening doesn’t make the music ‘bad’. Anyway I’m not going to sit here and read the negative comments; because those who are intelligent enough will be able to realise that beneath all of the dancing and exotic sounds lies meaningful, inspirational lyrics and love. Being a strong believer in it, I instantly found a connection with the unique stylings of the Crystal Fighters.

The music itself I guess is a combination of many things; folktronica, alternative, acoustic- there really is no category that can pin down the Crystal Fighters.. and that’s why I love them. It’s nice to get a breath of fresh air in today’s music industry. They’ve just finished their second tour I believe, which spread not only throughout Europe, but also across the states and Australia too. Star of Love was their first album; featuring songs like Plage, I Love London and Follow– for me personally, is more of an energetic album in comparison to Cave Rave. The theme of love and compassion definitely runs more potent in Cave Rave; with the tracks Love Natural, You & I and Wave- You can’t help but grab whoever’s around you and enjoy the moment. Plus one of the biggest pulls to the album for me- was the fact you can listen to the tracks hundreds of times; and still find something new; a new beat, a special lyric- you’re constantly being faced with so much love and acceptance- you have no choice but to feel good about yourself and the life you’re living. If you don’t believe me, and you think that I’ve probably been smoking some pretty strong “tobacco” then you really should take a listen for yourself:

I’m more than excited to announce that I will be attending one of the Crystal Fighter’s final shows, in Birmingham on the 30th of November. I’d like to thank the band so much for having me on their guest list; I’ll be sure to get loads of footage and share the experience with you guys when I get back. But if you feel left out, and you want to join us on that soon to be beautiful night there are still tickets available. Here’s the link to their official site and tour dates.

I feel as if there’s so many positive memories wrapped around the Crystal Fighter’s, I can’t compress them all into this small post; so instead of boring you with my stories: I strongly insist you grab the biggest speakers you own; boost the volume to the max and start making some for yourselves.

“Love is all we’ve got”

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P.S: If you want to know more about the roots of the Crystal Fighters; be sure to check out the mini-documentary below in partnership with Noisey.

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