So last night after me and my flat mates went out for some drinks; I ended up staying up with my friend Adam and talking for a couple of hours and even though we were both pretty intoxicated to say the least- the fact I remember the conversation means it must have some value it.

We were talking about general relationships at University; and the dynamics of living in halls, or shared accommodation -and how the actions of one person could possibly jeopardise the relationship of the whole house. I guess the moral of the story, and to cut a lot of drunken slurs out; is that not only do you have to think about putting other people first, but you also have to think “are these feelings mutual?” ANY form of relationship must be mutual for it to be successful- whether you’re friends, friends with benefits, dating; these things need to be mutual or else it’s destined to end badly for one person. We’ve all been there right? You like someone, they don’t like you back; someone likes you, you don’t feel the same way- and even though I’m sure some people can stay friends after all is said and done but let’s be honest like, 8 out of 10 times it’s for the worse.

I just think that people need to remember that we’re not on a night out here, we’re actually living together. You can’t just go home and forget about it; because you’re more than likely to see them around almost everyday. For all of you guys and girls in my building who’re reading this, this goes out to you especially: THINK before you do anything you regret, and don’t just think for yourself, but for everybody- because I’m not going to be waiting around, picking up the pieces for someone who didn’t assess a situation properly.

I hope you’re all okay and enjoying your freshers week if you’re in University at the moment; and if you’re not, I hope you’re having a lovely week anyway.

Be sure to let me know any video ideas or products/music you’d like me to take a look at. I know a few people are giving me artists and albums over the next couple of days to listen to; I’ll be sure to post the reviews up here.

Don’t worry about the past or future, because at the end of the day there’s only right now.. so live it.

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