Hey Everyone, So as I’ve received a few texts and tweets asking about my University Experience so far I thought I’d just make a blog post about it because it’s easier than texting this morning, believe me!

So after completing my enrolment yesterday, and finding my way to my accommodation; like everybody else I had that strange, indescribable feeling in my stomach which consisted of excitement, nerves and anticipation. To be honest with you, I was really apprehensive about living with guys in a shared flat; I was a bit disappointed when I realised I didn’t get my first or second choice of accommodation. But saying that, after last night I’m really happy that I made the decision to accept living in the halls.

To put things into simple terms: there are 90 people in the building I live in; there’s three floors and three ‘flats’ on each floor. Now if you’re anything like myself, and you’re terrible with numbers that’s 10 people in each flat. The top and ground floor consist of boys, and the middle floor is for the lovely ladies. Well I live on the ground floor, and I’m one of the lucky few who have managed to grab themselves a double room by doing nothing different to anybody else; some would call it unfair, I call it karma. Well last night pretty much the whole of my house (which consists of my flat, and the two flats on the two floors above) gathered on the middle floor and decided to have a bit of a social. It was genuinely really unexpected to what I thought I would have been doing last night- we were having a really good night. I’m really happy with who I’m living with (which is really strange, because normally there’s always a couple of people you’re not too fond of, it’s only natural right? You don’t usually get along with everybody), and everyone I’ve spoken to so far seems really nice. I guess only time will tell how long that lasts, but I’m hoping that nothing will change.

Right now I feel as if my life is this crazy whirlwind: I never thought I’d be going to University, I didn’t think that I’d be living away from home for at least a few more years- I never would have imagined things to go the way they have regarding relationships with some college and school friends- but at the same time, even though 80% of the time I have no idea what the hell I’m doing with my life.. I’ve never felt more alive..

..and I’ve never been happier.

Stay true to yourself, take every day one day at a time.

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