I first came across Lianne La Havas completely unexpectedly: I was given a couple of tickets by a friend to go watch Bombay Bicycle Club in Wolverhampton, who she happened to be supporting. From the very beginning you were able to instantly recognise her quirkiness and sense of ease when being on stage. The only word that came to my mind after attending the concert was fate. I’ve never been a strong believer in it, but Lianne came into my life when I needed her most –sounding really cliché now aren’t I? It’s incredibly refreshing to hear her take on traditional soul music, mixed in with an acoustic guitar. ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’  her debut album is available to purchase on iTunes here, I would highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to listen to her as she’s a constant artist ricocheting around the repeat section of my iPod. Most of her songs are based upon her own personal experience, so they’re highly relatable. The thing I like most about her is the innocence and sincerity behind her voice –she speaks so soft and polite while being able to carry such stage presence, captivating any audience. As soon as I got back from the gig, I instantly found myself searching for her on YouTube and then quickly buying her album. On her channel you can find most music videos from her album, along with her A64 on SBTV (The video can be found below). The title was trending on twitter within the first couple of hours of release.

As I previously mentioned, La Havas plays a great role in my personal music library. Not very often do I obsess over certain songs but I really couldn’t help myself when it came to tracks like Don’t Wake Me Up and Lost & Found. I found myself connecting to them very intimately because she was singing about issues I find quite close to home: and with them both having acoustic versions, you can really feel the emotion behind her voice. I can imagine that most listeners would be able to understand the messages behind her music for that very reason.

I would definitely consider Lianne La Havas someone to keep your eye on. Already after being signed to Warner Bros. Records she’s playing in most high-street stores, and her most famous song “Forget” has already reached the UK charts. She has also helped out fellow soul-lover Paloma Faith by singing back-up in some of her recent tours. Not only is she already an iconic figure in the music industry, but many also see her as a big fashion icon. Is Your Love Big Enough was certainly one heck of a way to kick-start her career!

Click here to check out her official website.

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