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The Bigger Picture.

  One of the hardest feelings to deal with is accepting that someone doesn’t feel the same way about you. Because no matter how much you think of them, or how much you wish they would feel the same in return; Sometimes life isn’t that simple. And when things like this happen I begin to […]

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The Messy Baker

Isn’t it strange how a smell or taste can bring back a thousand memories? Each time I have mince pies, trifle or marzipan I’m taken back to my childhood: standing at the end of the kitchen, watching my Grandma and my mother spend hours preparing dinner for the rest of the family. I remember my […]

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Fighting Time; Note to self.

Life isn’t about making hard and fast decisions. If we all lived like that our lives would be pretty out of control. Life, for me, is about absorption; taking it slow and allowing every second to sink in. When it comes to relationships although there’s two of you involved; the most selfless thing to do […]

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The Smoke Company

Most of you will already know just how much I love smoking Shisha. Since my trip to Dubai (and after purchasing our very own pipe) I haven’t been able to stop experimenting with different flavours and techniques. Anyway, couple of days ago I received a little surprise from The Smoke Company. They sent me two […]

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The Vamps

  As most of you know I’ve just started my journey at University- and since being here I met someone who recommended The Vamps to me. I wasn’t really sure why I hadn’t heard the band already; I mean they have a massively supportive fan base and a YouTube account with over 300,000 subscribers. Stupidly […]

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Crystal Fighters

If someone were to ask me which artist or group was the sound of my summer just gone, Crystal Fighters would be it. I remember the first time I listened to the Crystal Fighters; it felt as if I was grabbed, snatched from where I was sitting- and taken to a whole other dimension. A […]

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Relationships at University

So last night after me and my flat mates went out for some drinks; I ended up staying up with my friend Adam and talking for a couple of hours and even though we were both pretty intoxicated to say the least- the fact I remember the conversation means it must have some value it. […]

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University Life

Hey Everyone, So as I’ve received a few texts and tweets asking about my University Experience so far I thought I’d just make a blog post about it because it’s easier than texting this morning, believe me! So after completing my enrolment yesterday, and finding my way to my accommodation; like everybody else I had […]

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Lianne La Havas

  I first came across Lianne La Havas completely unexpectedly: I was given a couple of tickets by a friend to go watch Bombay Bicycle Club in Wolverhampton, who she happened to be supporting. From the very beginning you were able to instantly recognise her quirkiness and sense of ease when being on stage. The only word that came […]

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Jessie Ware

So far all of you who are interested in my thoughts on music, there’s one person who I can’t stop listening to at the moment and that person is Jessie Ware.  Jessie is a 28 year old singer-songwriter from London, United Kingdom. She has featured on several albums by artists you may have already heard […]

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